“Soak up the Sun” Tetra pak print

 ‘Soak up the Sun’ is small edition of 6 tetra pak prints inspired by the seals sun bathing at the end of the Bull Island.

In the chaotic everyday of living in the city it is tranquil to watch these bodies just chilling out in Dublin bay. Far away, they could be mistaken for rocks but squint your eyes and you can pick them out in the hazy sun against the water reflections.

This piece is created with using the intaglio printing technique, using tetrapak orange juice cartons to scratch into to create printing plates for the seals.  The creases in the Tetra Pak printing plate are made a feature of the piece, a gentle reminder of how our use and reuse of materials has a massive impact on these fragile animals.  The water is printed with relief technique with the ink rolled on to the plate. Printed on Fabriano Ivory paper the sun is handpainted in gold. 

– Print size 30 cm x 30cm