Herculanean Habitat – squirrel by the Naniken River

It is rare to walk in St. Anne’s Park without seeing a squirrel or several.  I particularly like to walk along the Naniken River.  Immersed in foliage the route is lined with follies, such as bridges and little buildings, built as part of the old Guinness Estate. 

The Herculanean Temple is a perfect example of this former grandeur which is now in ruins and part of the habitat for the wildlife in the park.  The temple was a perfect replica in classical Roman style, with a courtyard and interior paved with tiles copied from a design found during the excavations of the original Herculaneum city.  There was once a bridge which connected it to the other side of the river.

In this illustration I wanted to capture the lush green foliage of this part of the river as the light squeezes through highlighting leaves and creating a shimmer in the water.  There is usually a moment when the squirrel makes eye contact before scurrying away out of sight.