‘Tree of Life, St. Anne’s Park’ Linoprint

This is a 2 colour linocut print with gold ink on beautiful handmade paper.

St. Anne’s Park, Raheny, Dublin is a magical place full of wildlife, plants, trees and water.  The stunning tree sculpture at the causeway corner of the park, created by Tommy Craggs using a chainsaw, brings together both wildlife from the park and marine creatures from the sea waters edge in this magical piece of art.  The tree looks especially beautiful just after it rains and when the sun comes out the contrast of the animals looks particularly striking.  Hand-carving the lino and hand-printing on textured paper has allowed me to recreate the sculpted texture of the tree.  I also love how the print ink goes on uneven to the moon, giving it a magical real moon feel and also making each piece even more unique.

Handprinted with gold and white Cranfield Oil inks on exotic handmade Mulberry tissue paper with inlayed fibres.

 – Print size A3