Pine Cone – Etching

‘Pine Cone’ is an edition of 20 etching prints on Zerkall Paper.

This is a playful piece about our connection with nature. In my local park I see lots of squirrels. They are often out of sight as quick as they are seen, but sometimes they pause, and I pause, and we have a silent conversation. I like to pick up leaves, berries, seed heads and things that fascinate me, to take home. This is a playful piece on what we take from nature. It is only a pine cone but it is a nice one! Should I take or just look?  I wanted to use contrast in the piece to cover a range of tones so I choose 2 contrasting trees, a bright silver birch and a dark pine tree. I have mirrored the bouncy squirrel’s tail with the ponytail on the girl to give an added connection between these 2 characters.

Print size – 15cm x 18cm