Park Life – Phoenix Park Illustration

‘Park Life’ is my illustration of a stag and a phoenix bird in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.  

The Phoenix Park Dublin is home to a large herd of fallow deer who like to graze openly on the grassy areas and take shelter amongst the most beautiful mature trees.  These fallow deer descend from the original herd introduced in the 1660s when the park was initially established as a deer park. 

On the main avenue at the entrance to Áras an Uachtaráin is the Phoenix Monument. On top of a Corinthian column about 30 feet tall is perched a big stone phoenix bird, a mythical bird from greek legends that was able to burst in to flames and be reborn.  Although the park’s name is derived from the Irish fhionnuisce, meaning clear or still water, I do like to imagine this mythical phoenix bird does inhabit the park.

Set amongst the trees surrounded by autumn colour the stag and the phoenix meet, with the Wellington Monument emerging from the trees in the background.  The yellows, oranges and browns I have chosen complement the fiery colour of the phoenix add warmth to this friendly meeting.

This piece uses a combination of detailed pen sketching for the animals and digital illustration the scene and foliage details.